What Is Future Development Trend of Windows and Doors
Posted: 2014-10-15 04:19:55  Hits: 3410
The future development trend of windows and doors is towards the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation gradually. The National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC) suggested the topic on green building materials industry development. The committee members have issued an appeal that we need to accelerate the development of green building materials, eliminate low technology products, and let the doors and windows profiles enter into this industry. 
In the face of the international energy crisis, energy conservation and environmental protection is becoming more and more urgent for us. Everybody is responsible for energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, building energy consumption amount in the American countries accounts for 43% of the total energy consumption amount in the world. And China has accounted for 40%. Doors and windows account for 45% to 50% of building energy consumption, and 15% - 15% of total energy consumption in the world. It can be seen that the amount of windows and doors energy consumption is essential for the total building energy consumption amount.
In view of the direction of the materials of the doors and windows, a lot of doors and windows companies are now developed towards the direction of wood profiles, aluminum alloy profiles, profiles, aluminum-plastic composite profiles, wood and plastic composite profiles. The ultimate goal is to produce profiles of small energy consumption and less pollution. And at this stage, doors and windows enterprises generally adopt ordinary aluminum alloy profiles and PVC profiles. These two kinds of materials consume a lot of energy in buildings.

In order to lower energy consumption, windows and doors enterprises have to improve the production materials of doors and windows profiles and fully use composite profiles in order to reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the future development tendency of doors and windows profiles is to largely improve the production technology. This method also accords with the regulations about green material industry development.

                                                                            What is Future Development Trend of Windows and Doors