The Post-80s and 90s Favor Aluminum Doors and Windows
Posted: 2014-11-12 04:16:57  Hits: 3465
The post-80s and 90s grow up in the Internet age, so their consumption habits and aesthetic concept are different from the 60s and 70s. Young people have stronger concept of independence and freedom, and they like pursuing fashion and personalized products.
A manager from one of the aluminum alloy doors and windows said,"there are more and more young people buying aluminum alloy doors and windows. Generally, the young is required to decorate the marriage rooms and large rooms, and their requirements are relatively high. Moreover, they prefer rooms with a variety of materials and innovative design technology." He added that the young favor top-level aluminum profiles with strong oxidation resistance, excellent and diversified design styles and the aluminum alloy products which can be perfectly combined with materials such as glass, wood, etc. It is better that those products can be made into various types and owns many functions. So, it is good for young people to create unique bedroom space.
In addition, the relevant data analysis shows that the contemporary popular decorative styles mainly are simple style, rural style, modern style, European style, etc. The simple style becomes the most popular household style among them.
Because of the change of consumer groups and the market direction, the market space of aluminum alloy doors and windows is huge. Wanting to earn a space in the vast market for aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises is difficult but bright as long as they are good at discovering the psychological needs of the young generation, creating new brand concept and looking for accurate market positioning.

                                                 The Post-80s and 90s Favor Aluminum Doors and Windows