New Situation of China Aluminum Profile Market
Posted: 2014-09-15 03:34:07  Hits: 1918
Subsequent processing capacity of aluminum extrusion enterprises is generally not strong. Further processing rate of aluminum extrusion materials is less than 30%. At present, aluminum extrusion materials are mainly for aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum extrusion factory is mainly regarded the primary aluminum extrusion materials as the key materials in order to supply market. The processing technology and equipments of aluminum extrusion materials are in need of further strengthening so as to extend the industrial chain and continuously improve products’ added value.
Although China is a great power of architectural aluminum extrusion materials production and supply, the overall system service is not strong and rarely have building system service enterprises. Aluminum extrusion enterprises in China are much more than other countries, hence, output capacity and concentration is not high. Following the homogenization production is very serious, there is no differentiated development strategiesand market position. Although aluminum extrusion technology and equipment level is higher, there is a gap among some of the high end reverse precision extruding machine compared with foreign advanced industrial countries. Thus, it also can't be replaced by imported equipments.
With the development of western regions and the acceleration of the urbanization process in the midwest city, the core of future large-scale infrastructure will gradually be transferred to the midwest of China and will be focused on building aluminum profile enterprises’ profit growth which will rely more on consumption in the west. In order to solve the problem of the restriction of aluminum extrusion materials transportation radius, the coastal areas of aluminum extrusion profile companies invest in the midwest one after another. For instance, Xingfa aluminum plant, Asia aluminum plant and Huachang aluminum plant are all represented for aluminum extrusion companies of South China Sea in Guangdong which all invest to build factories in Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Anhui, Hubei and Hunan.

                                                                   New Situation of China Aluminum Profile Market