How to Choose and Buy Best Aluminum Products?
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Many times we have been talked about aluminum in our life, but plenty of friends do not know what kind of aluminum products the best one is.
Aluminum products are made by aluminum and other alloying elements. In general, it is the first step to process it into castings, forgings and foil, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, etc. Then, it is made by cold bending, cutting, drilling, and coloring. The main metal elements are aluminium with the addition of some alloy elements, which can improve the performance of aluminum. And aluminum profile is made by hot melt, extrusion of aluminum rods, forming into different cross section shape.
What kind of aluminum products is the best one?
Best methods of choosing and buying aluminum products: 
1. Surface and cross section. If the surface and cross section is bright, it indicates that the aluminum alloy composition is high and purer. If the cross section becomes black, or the surface color is not bright, it shows that the aluminum product is made from recycled materials.
2. Strength. You can make aluminum collide with the secondary aluminum. Good material won't have too much trace, while bad material will sink in with a groove.
3. Quotation. Quotation is different with different materials, different surface treatment and different aluminum wall thickness. If the quotation is low, most of the material may be recycled. For the same length of one meter, some aluminum products are 4 kilograms weight, but some are only two kilo grams. Wall thickness of aluminum products can also be ranged from 1.2 MM to 5 MM.
What kind of aluminum profile is good to doors and windows when your doors and windows need to be changed?
Do choose cost-effective aluminum profile which is used for doors and windows. Suggests are as follows:
1. Excellent window wheel. Adhesive tape for pressing glass should be old-resistant and anti- corrosion.
2. Sealed performance of doors and windows should be good.
3. Gauze elements should not be rusty and the thickness and density need be better.
4. Higher cost performance. If the material of surface treatment layer is electrophoresis, it need be thicker.
5. Installation framework should reach to the horizontal line.

                                                                    How to Choose and Buy Best Aluminum Products