Current Situation of Chinese Aluminum Doors & Windows
Posted: 2015-08-30 21:13:50  Hits: 2634
This article introduces the current situation of Chinese Aluminum Doors & Windows industry in detail.

1. Huge market potential
Previously, consumers always choose to buy wooden doors for its elegance and grace. Nowadays, with the improving technique of manufacturing aluminum doors and windows, their practicality and function have gradually improved as well as their appearance. Many consumers have realized their advantages and going to purchase the aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, the market is enlarging, especially in subordinate cities, the market is still in the exploration, and there is a potential for industry development.
2. The large number of companies
The number of aluminum manufacturer is increasing, and the scale is enlarging. Nowadays, there are many newly-developed companies which are manufacturing aluminum alloy doors and windows though the scale is small.
3. Low standard
Due to the low standard of the whole industry, the quality of products is uneven; consumers may find it difficult to purchase the qualified products in the market. Some of the manufactures even hold the view that as long as someone has a factory, several skilled workers and a small amount of money, he can set up a company for aluminum doors and windows. As a matter of fact, the whole industry is in such an awkward situation.
4. Few local brands
At present, few companies are aim at the national market, and their products are difficult to promote in nationwide. Even if some old famous brand can occupy some market share in capital cities of provinces. According to some studies, the local brands will still play an important role in the aluminum doors and windows market. Therefore, there is a huge potential in the market.
5. Serious homogeneity of products
In the innovation of products, the homogeneity is serious for its low standard of the industry; therefore, the manufacturers are relying on price competition. Only when the related technology had been improved can manufacturers produce different product with their competitors, and the market may have the competitiveness.
Currently, the output of companies is also different. Some have overloaded order, some are just maintain the present situation, and some are even no business. Under this situation, industrial reshuffles are beginning. With the new strategy, there will be more and more brands go into the market, the competition will be fiercer among manufacturers. At the same time, old housing renovation and other policies for new rural construction will boost the demand for aluminum doors and windows. However, in recent years, the fierce competition causes the vicious competition among companies and heavily influences the virtuous development of the industry. In the future, the big companies will improve their innovation ability and the quality of products, but the small companies may be eliminated from the market for their lack of competitiveness. In the meanwhile, these big companies will cooperate with each other, and will push the whole industry into virtuous development.